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Welcome to Valley Feed and Supply Co. We are a full service mill and agricultural supply retail store right here in Bonner Springs, KS!  All of our Kawmix Feeds, our brand, are made right here in our mill in small batches and have been since 1956. We are proud to grow and source local grains for all our Kawmix Feeds. This keeps our distribution costs down and prioritizes our local economy. Shopping at Valley Feed gives a whole new meaning to shopping local and supporting local business and local farmers!

At Valley Feed we believe quality is the best value. A phrase imagined by our owner in 2018 that we strive to personify in everything we do! Valley Feed & Supply Company is built on relationships. Relationships formed from over a century of manufacturing feed and selling directly to the end user. Relationships with our employees span decades and generations.  Relationships with local suppliers and farmers from whose grains and products make-up our feed run deep in the community. 


When you choose Valley Feed & Supply you are choosing more than a feed store, you are becoming family.  Many of our customers have become lifelong friends along the way. It is very gratifying to know that our customers have put their trust in our products and their continued support and promotion has repeatedly been our best selling point.


The future of Valley Feed & Supply and our signature brand, KawMix® Feeds depends on our ability to continue to adapt to the needs of this industry. Over the past century we have evolved from producing bulk feed for local hog and dairy farms to manufacturing and selling over 80 different unique bagged feeds under the KawMix® Feed label founded in 1956.  Our line-up has evolved along the way to include high quality nutritional products for animals ranging from rodents to equine, back yard birds to emu’s, and of course the traditional barn yard animals we all enjoy.   


The fundamental core value of all KawMix® Feed that sets us apart from our competitors is --- Feeds that are designed around high quality, fresh, local grains.  We believe milling the freshest, highest quality grain products into KawMix® Feed is the key secret to why our customers continually comment that their animals prefer KawMix® when placed side-by-side with our competitors.  


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"They support new and first time farmers! ???? Very knowledgable of their products, patient and kind staff. Thanks!"

Lex C.